Will the iPhone 8 be worth the Upgrade?

Thursday, 25th May, 2017 - 16:28

With just over 4 months to go until the Apple iPhone 8’s release what could we possibly expect from Apple’s latest entry this autumn and is it worth upgrading your current handset?

Re-Positioned Vertical Dual Camera

  • Another striking difference will be on the back of the phone. Again it’s highly speculated that the camera position will be moving to a vertical position as opposed to the horizontal layout that has been in use since the first IPhone. Who knows what benefits this may have? But it’s definitely worth noting!

Home Button is no more and a Rear Fingerprint Scanner

  • Rumour has it that the iPhone 8 is likely to have no Physical Home Button. This has already been a popular move by Samsung and would surely make sense if apple followed suit. According to posts from Instagram user “appleidesigner”, which are strongly rumoured to be Apples final design, this could very well be the case! Apple is likely to follow both Google and Samsung with a Rear Positioned Fingerprint Scanner.  Whatever the reasons for that change, it’s definitely interesting!

Wireless Charging Support (At last!)

  • Apple looks as though they will be reverting back to glass outer casing for the first time since the 4s. This will not only give the iPhone 8 a sleek new look, it will also allow for Apple to support Wireless Charging for the first time ever! After all it’s about time Apple as introduced it, it’s been on Samsung phones since the S6 in 2016!

Final Verdict:  Will it be worth the upgrade going on what we know now? Simple answer for us is Yes. For the first time since the 5s – 6 jump, Apple is finally adding many upgrades and notable improvements… Roll on September!

P.S … Here are other rumoured specs to check out!

  • 5.8in 2.5D OLED edge-to-edge display
  • Apple A11 chip
  • Rear-facing Touch ID sensor
  • iOS 11 with 'advanced Siri functionality'
  • Face-scanning technology

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