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What do we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Friday, 2nd December, 2016 - 08:27

The Galaxy S8 is eagerly awaited by Samsung fans across the world despite Samsung having a bit of a rocky year. The huge success of the S7 was countered with the explosive failure of the Note 7, if you excuse the pun…

This doesn’t seem to have made an impact on Samsung in terms of getting the next flagship ready for production however. Most information about the S8 is being kept secret but rumours are all over the internet and social media. Improvements to the design, processor Selfie cam (finally) and the screen are some of the changes people seem to think will happen.

When will it be released?

  • We are still waiting on a release date from Samsung, but if we take a look at its past launches of its flagship phones then they are usually between February and May, with most being in April.
  • The price is also expected to be between £550-600 upon release.

What is new?

  • It is highly possible that the screen might be upgraded to Quad HD to give better VR functionality for their phones.
  • The Selfie camera looks as if it is finally incorporating the developments they made to the main camera and changing from the standard 5 megapixel they have used for a while.
  • Samsung could also be looking to get rid of the trademark rectangular home button and instead either make it more circular like on iPhones or integrate its functionality into the screen like the back and menu buttons currently are.
  • And finally it seems that Samsung have come around to the idea of the new USB-C cables as they originally intended with the S7. With adaptability and higher power of the new USB cables if they don’t make this change they could find their competitors outselling them soon.

Other rumours?

  • Samsung may be following Apple by removing the headphone port, allowing them to make the phone slimmer. This would mean Bluetooth headphones would be necessary just like with the new iPhones.
  • If they do make the switch to USB-C then some accessories from your previous Samsung devices like the Gear VR will not work as they currently use a micro USB connection, plugging directly into the phone.
  • There are patents and diagrams all across the internet showing various changes to the camera, the home button and even the suggestion of a dual screen.


There are still many things we don’t know about the S8 but check back regularly and we will update as soon as we know more.