Welcome to FoneWizard

Tuesday, 25th October, 2016 - 15:32

Welcome to FoneWizard! We are a company who are driven to ensuring our environment stays unpolluted. We care deeply about the environment which is why we reuse and recycle EVERY device that we receive.  Even our packaging is made from recycled materials, so instead of having old devices gathering dust at home and eventually finding their way to landfill, why not help us to recycle them and give them a better home? By saving many disused devices from landfill and recycling them we aim to ensure every phone and tablet gets a long and useful life!

Besides helping the environment, we pride ourselves on our levels of customer service and do everything we can to ensure our customers are left smiling. This is why we ensure all payments will be made on the SAME DAY that we receive your device! So no more long, frustrating days waiting for your payment, just sell, send and smile!

There are no hidden fees or ‘handling costs’ so you can rest assured that the price you are quoted is the price you will be paid! We offer a fixed price for broken or faulty phones so when you send your phone to us you know EXACLY how much you will be getting.

After submitting your simple online form, a prepaid pack will be sent to you on the same day to package your device in. We review and check every phone that is sent to us so if for any reason your phone needs to be returned to you, we will also pay for that too.

We also take our Data Protection very seriously which is why we offer a data deletion tool. Just simply fill in the make and model of your device and receive instructions in your email a few minutes later! We also wipe every phone that we receive and provide you with a receipt in an e-mail once this has been done.

If you still need more convincing then take a look at the feedback we have received on Trustpilot. If you also have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

It really does pay to recycle! Sell your phone online with us now.