Weird and wonderful Nokia phones of the past

Wednesday, 9th November, 2016 - 10:47

Nokia are probably well known in the industry for releasing some questionable and innovative design ideas for their phones, and with a new range of mobile handsets due to be released soon we thought we should take a look at some standout designs of the past few years.


Nokia 5510

Released in 2001, it cost around £200 and was a sideways phone with 45 keys. 


Nokia 3650

A weird design, featuring a circular keyboard this phone however supported an advanced software system making it a decent phone for its time.

Nokia g201I Communicator

Nokia’s second attempt at a flip top QWERTY keyboard phone, the communicator was closer to a laptop than a phone, allowing standard texts and picture messaging as well as fax and e-mail, attachment viewer and a video player.


Nokia 7600

A peculiar ‘teardrop’ shape that required both hands to hold, this has to be one of the strangest phones Nokia have released. People used to refer to it as the adult tamogotchi.

Nokia 7700

Only announced in 2003, it never made it to market but would have been the world’s first multimedia phone with touchscreen, radio, camera and web browser.

Nokia N-Gage

Designed to blend gaming with mobile phones this attempt failed at both, disappointing customers as a phone or gaming device.

Nokia 8910i

One of Nokia’s first ‘business’ phones, it was made purely of metal so was always cold to hold.

Nokia 2300

Quite a basic looking phone, it was made more appealing with Snake 2, snake impact+ and interchangeable front and back covers.

Nokia 3200

Another fairly basic looking phone, it had an art deco design with the option to change covers. The circular keys were an interesting choice.


Nokia 7710

Costing around £500 on release, it fared better than the 7700 and became Nokia’s first touchscreen phone. It looked more like a sat nav at first glance but supported a 1MP camera that could also film video, had internet capability and an mp3 player.


Nokia 7280

Known as the ‘lipstick phone’ it was tiny and instead of the traditional keypad featured a spinner, like on early iPods, instead.

Nokia N90

Contained a 2MP camera with flash and by swivelling the screen you could transform your phone into a mini camcorder.

Nokia 6800

Assuming people were bored with the traditional keypad, Nokia released this phone with TWO options for typing…the normal keypad could flip out to form a full QWERTY keyboard around the phone screen.

Nokia 3250

A phone for music lovers, the bottom part of the phone could be twisted around to reveal simple MP3 controls

Nokia 7370

This phone had a 180degree swivel screen and was aimed at more fashion conscious users as was more design over functionality.

Nokia 7260

One of Nokia’s more innovative basic designs, this phone had a distinct ‘S’ shape on the front cover and had polyphonic ringtones that you could download.


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