Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - G935F 32GB

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - G935F 32GB

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IMPORTANT: Please remove your Google account lock before posting as we will be unable to process any Android devices which are still linked to a Google account. If you fail to remove the account lock your payment will be delayed. Please refer to the Activation Lock Removal Guide

How to find IMEI

You can find the device's IMEI or serial number either underneath the battery or inscribed on the back.

Alternatively you can get the IMEI up by dialing *#06# and it will be display on the device's screen.

An IMEI is 15 characters long and normally starts with either 01 or 35.


Fully Working

  • Device must not have Screen Burn
  • Must be fully functional
  • No software or hardware faults
  • Screen/LCD not damaged
  • Not liquid damaged
  • Casing and camera lens must not be cracked
  • Average wear and tear acceptable

Screen Burn
If your phone shows any sign of Screen Burn, then you will not be eligible to receive the fully working price shown and will be subject to a requote upon inspection. Please carefully check your device does not have any Screen Burn or "Ghost Image" on the screen before selling. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Faulty / Damaged

  • No missing parts
  • Intact, not bent in half or crushed
  • Screen/LCD can be cracked
  • Moderate Liquid damage is acceptable