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Samsung Galaxy S6 - G920F

If you’ve ever wondered what the draw is with the Samsung Galaxy S6, rest assured it’s still one of the most feature-packed handsets around. Yes, newer models have been released since the S6 was launched back in 2015, but it remains one of the most popular handsets, largely due to the Android Marshmallow update, which has kept it current and a serious market contender.

Its crisp, clean display makes it fantastic for watching media, while its 64-bit octa-core processor leaves many other operating systems biting the dust. In contrast to Samsung’s previous phones, the S6 also boasts a totally revamped, metal-clad design that’s not a million miles away from the sleek iPhone 6, bringing the range bang up to date and re-establishing the brand amongst today’s hottest competition.

Though it’s a nifty little phone with a lot of plus points, you may actually be looking to sell your Galaxy S6. Perhaps you want to upgrade to something a little newer, or maybe you need the cash for another purchase altogether. Whatever your reasons for trading in your trusty Samsung staple, you can sell your Samsung Galaxy S6 with zero hassle and maximum gain when you choose Fone Wizard.

When you sell your old Galaxy S6 to us, we’ll review it for free. If it’s not quite up to scratch, we’ll send it back to you free of charge – but nine times out of ten, we’ll be able to reuse or recycle your handset and pay you back some money for the privilege. You can post your phone to us at no cost, and we’ll even send you instructions on how to remove all of the data from your S6 so you can be sure that no-one else will view your stuff.

And if you choose to get paid via bank transfer, the payment for selling your Samsung Galaxy S6 will often hit your account on the same day.

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