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Apple iPhone 7

If you’re looking to sell your iPhone 7 and free up some cash for your next purchase, Fone Wizard makes it easy for you to trade in your old handset online. We specialise in recycling old Apple smartphones for our customers so they can upgrade to the newest technology without breaking the bank!

The iPhone 7 offers a faster, more contemporary experience to Apple users. This handset comes with a good low light camera – perfect for capturing those all-important selfies on a night out – and with double the internal storage capacity, there’s plenty of room for the latest apps and managing your media is altogether more straightforward. The big draw on the iPhone 7, however, it that it is waterproof (much like several of the other newer mobiles on the market). 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone or you just need to free up some money for another purchase, selling your iPhone 7 to Fone Wizard makes perfect sense. We offer an Apple phone recycling service that’s smart, fast and reliable.

It couldn’t be simpler to offload your handset onto us – all you need to do is select the make and model of your iPhone and enter a few details. You’ll then need to post the device to us so we can check its condition (but don’t worry – you can also sell an iPhone 7 that’s damaged, faulty or in poor condition). Most customers can expect to receive payment on the same day that we receive their handsets.

Hundreds of happy customers have chosen to sell their iPhone 7 through us. To read more about their experiences, take a look at our reviews.