Samsung S3 Tab review

Tuesday, 11th April, 2017 - 15:56

With Samsung’s S8 due for general release later this month, after a wave of rave reviews and excitement, it’s easy to miss that the company released a new tablet just over a month ago.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab is out and, while it may not have quite as much hype as the Samsung Galaxy S8, it’s arguably the best tablet on the market at the moment.

4gadgets have reviewed everything from its new design to the improved software and we’ve listed our favourite new features of the S3 Tab bellow.


Much like the S8, there’s been a real style change with an all-glass design. It looks glossy and feels smooth, a little like an enlarged Galaxy S7, and with its glass back cover and metal chassis beautifully compacted into a thinner shape it is easier to handle then previous models.


Samsung prides its self on already having high quality screens and the S3 Tab is a further example of their excellence. It is the first tablet to be HDR ready and awaiting HDR video content, making it perfect for streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Video.


To go with the fantastic visuals is the quad-speaker system; four speakers, one on each corner, that follows the rotation and provides perfect audio quality in portrait or landscape modes.

S Pen

Big improvements having made with the S Pen, redesigned to a rounded, easy to hold model, 9mm diameter and a slim 0.7mm tip for a more natural hold and clear handwriting. It’s perfect for the new Pen.Up app and you can draw to your hearts content as it doesn’t need charging.

Samsung Flow

Syncing with your mobile has even been stepped up with Samsung Flow which allows content from phone to be moved to tablet effortlessly. What’s more, the S3 also picks up notifications from your handset so there’s no need to pick up the phone whilst on the tablet.


Real improvements have been made to the power of the tablet with the USB-c, which charges in 165 minutes for 12 hours of battery life.

Will the tab S3 get you saying "I want to sell my samsung phone"?