Samsung Galaxy S8

Tuesday, 28th March, 2017 - 16:01

All eyes will be on Samsung as their highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will be unveiled at a special event on the 29th March, which will hopefully put an end to the endless discussion of what features the phone might have.

Speculation about the flagship smartphone is, and has been, all over the web and in the national newspapers, but with the handset being unveiled this week, Fone Wizard takes a look at what could be unveiled.

Are you excited for Samsung's "Galaxy Unpacked" event? We are waiting for the reveal of the S8 and S8 Plus!

Home button

It is expected, and what we can see from the leaked photos, that there is no home button on the front of the handset. Instead it will be incorporated into the back cover, like the Huawei P9, in a bid to make more room for the display.


The trend this year is to reduce bezels and enlarge the display. More and more of us are watching TV on the go and tablets are perhaps too awkward, so expect large high definition display to be on every smartphone released in the near future. It’s also been widely reported to be a curved display.

Plus size

Inevitably, the handsets will expand to accommodate the larger screen size. It’s currently predicted that the S8 will be 5.8in and will also come in a ‘Plus’ size version which should be 6.2in.  

Fingerprint Sensor and Iris Scanner

With the home button rehoused on the back cover, the fingerprint scanner could be seen as being a bit old hat and the backup option for an iris scanner which is reportedly on the S8. Arguably the best feature from the Note 7, the scanner will be used to unlock the phone, read through text and make payments.

Headphone port

One of the biggest complaints from Apples iPhone 7 was the introduction of wireless headphones with the handset. For customers that still wanted cable headphones, they needed to purchase an adapter that would be sold separately. Some Samsung fans worried that the S8 might go the same way and reports came out at the end of 2016 stating the Korean giant would be going cable free. Thankfully Samsung have opted to leave wireless headphones to Apple.   

Voice Assistant

It’s called Bixby and one of its co-creators helped Apple to bring Siri to life so a lot is expected from the S8’s voice assistant. The rumours have it that this AI can understand you, with your natural language and not set phrases. You’ll also use Bixby to unlock the phone, pay for goods, control other devices and home appliances’ and it will come in seven possible eight different languages. So there is quite a lot of expectation upon Bixby.


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