Return of the Nokia 3310

Thursday, 2nd March, 2017 - 16:33

Huge crowds gathered at this year’s Mobile World Congress ready for the latest innovation in smartphone technology, but of all the stylish new handsets unveiled, an update of a 17-year-old classic stole the show.

Nokia turned the event into a nostalgia trip with news of the 3310 making a comeback, in a leaner and prettier form, with the iconic game Snake too!

The supposedly indestructible feature phones from 2000 has been rereleased by new mobile firm HMD Global, who has licensed the Nokia brand, and hope to continue dominating the feature or ‘dumbphone’ market.

The old classic will be back with its removable back cover and battery, Snake, 22 hours of talk time and a month of standby time – something to think about when your smartphone needs charging just before lunch!

Now it is not an exact replica of the classic 3310 as some improvements have been made. The screen is bigger, and in colour, which gives the handset a more rounded look. The new model will be half the thickness of the original and will host an updated version of the S30 software and house a camera on the back. Gone too is the pin charger of old and in its place will be a microUSB.

Hardly ground breaking stuff, but there is a place in the world for basic devices. Despite the revolution of smartphones, the low tech handsets refuse to die out as they’re brought as spare, emergency or novelty phones. Also, there is a section of the public that really aren’t bothered by iris scanners and voice assistants; they believe phones reached their peak with text messages.

It is with this small demographic that Nokia are winning as no other brand is more trusted with feature phones.

Will it sell as well as any Apple, Samsung or Huawei smartphone? Probably not, but Sony used the Mobile World Congress to unveil their new Xperia XZ, which is the first mobile phone to have a 4K HDR screen, but most people left the event talking about a Nokia handset from 17-years ago.