Recycling phones could save the Rain forests!

Monday, 14th November, 2016 - 13:16

The modern day explorer, Topher White has found an ingenious use for old mobile phones. He set out to stop global forest destruction using a simple device made from an old mobile phone powered by some unused solar panel parts and an extra microphone attached. 

With rainforests like the Amazon losing almost a fifth of its forest cover in the last 40 years to deforestation, this also contributes around 18% of greenhouse gas emissions per year. That's more than all the transport emissions globally in a year and with most of this being done illegally, it is often hard to catch people in the act.

With White's device however it can pick up chainsaw sounds up to a Kilometer away as strangely mobile phone reception is pretty reliable when up in the canopy. The software can pick up the distinct chainsaw frequencies amongst the cacophony of nature noises and instantly send a text to authorities to Intervene. 

He has already been asked to adapt it for use in cities for gunshot crimes and oceans for illegal fishing. It has also been pointed out that this could help stop human trafficking too, with most illegal labour being done with the use of slaves. 

So it just goes to show that even old technology can be reused for a good purpose. That is exactly what our mission is at Fonewizard. Buying a new phone is a huge contributor to usage of fossil fuels and deforestation, whereas buying used bypasses the need for yet another phone to be mass produced. Sell your phone online now with Fonewizard. Click here