Recycled Smartphones - The only difference is the cost

Tuesday, 1st November, 2016 - 16:03

Mobile phones are becoming highly desirable in the UK, with Ofcom reporting 93% of adults owning a mobile device in early 2016, 71% of which are smartphones. So with releases of newer and better phones many consumers seem to prefer SIM only contracts and invest in second hand refurbished smartphones to stay up to date for a cheaper cost! This also gives the consumer more flexibility, allowing them to change phones whenever they want as they are tied into a network and not a device. Purchasing unlocked devices has been beneficial too as this allows people to put any SIM into the device and have it work straight away, which can be very useful when travelling.

With the increased interest in recycled phones, we here at Fone Wizard take the phones sent in to us and resell and recycle as many devices as we can to help provide for this market. At the same time saving the need for new parts to be ordered and made.

The main question we get here at Fone Wizard is “what exactly is a recycled phone?”

Recycled phones are used devices that people have replaced for newer models or no longer have a use for. The devices here at Fone Wizard are all quality checked upon receiving them and if fully working can then be resold. If the device is broken we will recycle it to responsibly recover useful materials for the industry.

“What happens to my phone when it’s recycled?”

EVERY phone sent to us at FoneWizard is put through a full test to ensure everything works as it should. If so, it can then be sold through our partner site 4gadgets as a second hand used device. Just because a phone is second hand does not mean that it is of a lesser quality as in fact a lot of the devices we receive are barely used or show little signs of use. This is usually because they are phones still in original packaging from customers who have bought a phone and changed their mind but missed the return policy window, so instead recycle it to get some cash back.

If your device is broken or when tested parts are found to be faulty however, your phone will be sent to be responsibly recycled to recover useful materials for the manufacturing of other products. If you are unhappy with the re-quoted price for a faulty handset, we offer free returns so you don’t have to accept this offer!

You can also rest assured that ALL phones, working or broken, have their data wiped on receipt of your device so no one will ever have access to any of your personal data.

If you are looking to sell a device to us to be recycled, but have some questions  you would like answering first, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer care team who will be more than happy to  help.