Phone maintenance

Wednesday, 15th March, 2017 - 09:25

When you need to sell your phone it pays to keep it in good condition, because structural damage, cosmetic faults or poor sound quality can reduce the amount of money you can get for your old mobile. However, a few simple preventative steps and some TLC can help you to sell your phone and help us here at Fone Wizard find it a new home. 


Screen protectors

Most people are in constant contact with their phones, texting, calling, browsing, snapchatting, tweeting and so forth, so it’s no surprise that your new handsets will pick up a few imperfections quite quickly. Cracks large or small will drastically reduce the amount of money you can get when you decide to sell your smartphone, but something as cheap as £1 could help to keep the value of your handset high. Screen protectors, small sheets of plastic, can be brought from most phone stalls or very easily online and will keep your display in pristine condition and also your wallet a little fuller.

Back cover

Similar to the screen protector, a good back cover will prevent cracks and heavy dents to the outer casing of the handset, which will also lose you money when you come to recycle your smartphone. Accidents happen and it’s more than likely your phone will take the brunt of those mishaps. The impact of a hard floor on your phone can cause permanent and even fatal damage and no one is going to get good money for a smartphone that’s hit the ground without protection!

Just a little TLC and some protective casing and you can reap the rewards when you come to sell your old phone.