Is the new Sony Xperia XZ worthwhile?

Thursday, 3rd November, 2016 - 12:18

The Sony Xperia XZ is the new flagship device set to take over from the popular Z range, but just how does it compare to its predecessors? Boasting improved tech such as improvements to the camera, the X range can be seen to be slightly confusing as it will encompass all sizes and budgets of phone unlike other companies such as Samsung or Apple that clearly define their variations.

Sell your Sony Xperia XZ

At first glance the XZ could be mistaken for the earlier Sony Xperia Z5 model, with a similar look, similar specs but a £150 increase in price. In fact the only obvious differences are that the new XZ has the new USB-C charger port and now has rounded off edges, making it the easiest and most comfortable of Sony’s Xperia models to hold. For a flagship phone it is rather strange that it is larger and heavier than the Z5 and Sony have done nothing to reduce the top and bottom margins of their screen, although having front facing stereo speakers is a bonus. Also the back is made from a high purity metal so looks shiny but is also quite slippery. A welcome return however is waterproofing, missing from most of the other phones in Sony’s new X range.

When comparing the specs of the earlier Z5 to the XZ not much has changed. The 5.2inch screen is the same and still supports Full HD, as opposed to rival companies switching to the higher resolution Quad HD. The lower resolution however is still decent quality and in terms of battery life can be seen as a good thing. The processor, RAM and storage of 32GB remain the same too but if storage is an issue you can put in an SD card of up to 256GB. In fact Sony seem to have taken the approach of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ opting to keep the fingerprint sensor in the power button, the same NFC and Wi-Fi specs that have proved popular for them. It also offers decent music playback quality as is the trademark for all Sony phones and as a new feature also offers Playstation 4 Remote Play.

Overall the XZ offers everything you would expect from a flagship phone but isn’t much of an improvement if you own an older Sony Xperia device so it may be worth waiting for the Sony Xperia XZ2 to be announced. If this makes you think "How do I sell my iphone?", then simply click here.