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Hidden iPhone features

Thursday, 17th November, 2016 - 13:32

There are a lot of hidden features on iPhones that not many people know about and most you will be shocked you never found before. We take a look at some of the best ones.

Quick replies

  • Can’t answer a call yet? There are three customisable, pre-set messages you can send instead of answering by either swiping up on the phone icon as they call or click on the message icon above the call button.
  • You can also ask to be reminded of the call later.

Photo and Video tips

  • Have you ever been recording something and thought it would make a nice photo? Well there is a second shutter icon on screen next to the main one that will take a still shot of the current image whilst filming.
  • To reduce camera shake when taking a selfie try connecting some earphones and using the volume button to take the snap.

Personalised vibrations

  • Set a custom vibration pattern for each contact so that even when on silent you will always know who is calling you.

Texting tips

  • At the end of a sentence just double tap the home button to place a full stop, set a space and be ready with a capital for the start of the next sentence.
  • Hold the 123 button and slide over to the symbol you need and release, instead of wasting time switching between keyboards.
  • For quick access to similar symbols, press and hold on a symbol.

Shake to undo

  • Accidentally deleted something or need to delete what you’ve just typed? Just shake your phone to reverse what you just did.

Spirit Level

  • Enjoy DIY but can’t find your level? In the compass app swipe left to turn your phone into a spirit level.

Stronger passcodes

  • There is an option to set alphanumeric passcodes under the passcode options screen. Adding letters into the mix makes your password even more secure.

Help with your sums.

  • Siri is a secret Mathematics genius. Just ask her and she will work it out for you!

Calculator ‘delete’

  • Swipe left or right over the black area at the top of the calculator to delete a single digit from the end with each swipe.

Quick scroll

  • Double tap the top of the screen to jump to the top of a page, and tap again to jump back to the place you got down to.

Low Power mode

  • Is your battery low but you are still out? Turn on low power mode in the battery settings to switch off a lot of background apps to save energy.