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Hidden Android Features

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2016 - 16:14

Just like iOS, Android has many hidden features too.

Let’s review some of the useful ones and see how they can benefit us.

Smart Lock

  • Smart lock allows swipe access if certain conditions are met such as trusted face, trusted location, trusted device and on body detection. This makes your phone security less hassle for you.

Limit Data Usage

  • Under the data usage section of your phone, set a limit to notify you before you reach your limit and avoid being charged. Adjust the slider in the settings to set when you want reminding.

  • You have the option to switch background usage off app by app. Be selective when switching this option off as it can affect how certain apps work

Developer Mode

About > Software Information > More > Build number.

  • To unlock the developer mode just tap on the build number numerous times until a message appears saying that you are now a developer. This will then reveal a new menu in the settings list containing cool settings that you can play around with BUT you could ruin the phone if not researched beforehand.

Remote Secure Access

  • You can track, call, lock or wipe your phone, if you ever lose it, through Android device manager. To access all of the features, go to the ‘security’ section of your phone and allow access to android device manager so that when you lose your phone you can log into it online and find/erase it.

Notifications Settings

  • You can edit when apps can notify you, or even switch some off, under the sounds and notification settings.

Wi-Fi Direct Beam

  • Wi-Fi beaming is similar to Android beaming for transferring files but isn’t capped by the Bluetooth bandwidth.


    Screen Recording

    • Download an app and record your screen activity instead of having to screenshot.

    Return To Owner Message

    • To make it easier for someone to return your phone adds the contact info you wish to be displayed on the lock screen under the security settings.

    Custom Lockout Time

    • To stop your phone auto-locking when not in use, adjust the timer in the settings menu. You can still manually lock it with the power button on most phones however.

    Recognise Wi-Fi Hotspots

    • Android devices sometimes confuse a Bluetooth hotspot as Wi-Fi and drain your data. To stop this simply go into your network restrictions menu and de-select the hotspots that are not Wi-Fi.