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5 Games You Need On Your Smartphone For Christmas

Thursday, 24th November, 2016 - 17:01

There you are sat down after a massive Christmas dinner, presents have been opened and maybe a few bottles of wine too when someone suggests bringing out the same yearly board games….
Well how about modernising by bringing your smartphone or tablet into the party?
Here are our top 5 cheap and fun games for everyone to enjoy.

5.  Ticket To Ride

An old board game turned into an app, you have to compete to build as many railroad lines as long as possible. It can be played as a multiplayer through the ‘pass to play’ option where you share turns on one device or you can make use of the cross platform support between android and iOS so that people can play against you on their own phone or tablet.

4. Spaceteam

Another cross platform game that is free to play and can be downloaded from app stores. Spaceteam is designed for between 2 – 8 players. You are the only surviving members of your spaceships bridge crew and your ship is damaged and drifting close to a nearby star that is about to explode. You must work together with your friends flipping switches and pressing buttons at the right time to save yourself and your crew. Be prepared for it to get very chaotic and loud with people shouting commands to each other.

3. Reverse Charades

In reverse charades it’s the group of people that act the words out to one person. You get 30, 60 or 90 seconds to guess and just like normal charades this can be hilarious. The app is free to download but allows for in app purchases to increase the topics you can cover. Be prepared to laugh if you play this game.

2. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

A VR headset is needed for this game but a version can also be bought for pc or mac via steam if you don’t have compatible phone or headset. The person with the VR headset has to disarm a bomb with the help of their ‘bomb disposal squad’. The rest of the group have to search through the bomb disposal manual and various diagrams to work out how to disarm it before the time runs out based on what the player sees. Stop talking, or take too long thinking however and the time runs out and the bomb explodes.

1. Heads Up!

A bit like reverse charades but with more to it, this is clearly our party game winner. You hold your phone to your head and try to guess what is on it from your friends’ actions and clues. Tilt your head up to skip if unsure of the answer or down for the next clue when correct. After your time runs out you can check your score before the next player takes their go and for extra fun, the app records your friends shouting and acting out the clues so you can all watch it back afterwards……or post the video clip to Facebook for everyone to enjoy! It is cheap to download and features in app purchases to expand the topics.