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12 Weird Mobile Phone Accessories

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2016 - 13:36

There are many different types of weird and wonderful accessories for your phones out there and some are just downright bizarre. Lets take a look at a few of them.


  • Are you a clumsy texter? Well if your thumb is always pressing the wrong button or you just want some more control over your texting then the Txtrng is probably useful for you as will allow for better control on a touchscreen.

TV Hat

  • Do you want a personal home cinema at the expense of looking ridiculous? Well a predecessor to VR headsets this hat allows you to attach a phone and have a close up viewing experience anywhere you are.

Cell Mate

  • For people who dislike Bluetooth headsets this might be a compromise. A metal band stretches over your head to hold your phone against your ear leaving your hands free.

Solo Cam

  • Selfie sticks are everywhere now but with Solo Cam you can broadcast or record interviews and vlogs with ease…..and with an old style microphone too.

Alcohol Tester

  • Probably the most useful of accessories in this blog, it is just what you need if you are out with mates and need to know if you are over the limit to drive. With versions for bothAndroid and iOS you cant go wrong.

Payphone Adapter

  • Ever wanted your mobile to feel just like a payphone? No me neither, but obviously some people do and its simple to do with this accessory, just plug it in and its usable right away.

Pet Tree

  • For the keen gardener, take a little green wherever you go by hanging one of these on your phone.


  • A selfie stick. For your bum? Yes apparently this is now a thing. With Belfie take those difficult to reach booty shots.

Usb Typewriter

  • This actually looks like it could be quite fun. Combine old school typewriting with a tablet and type up your letters, e-mails, and stories like a writer of old.

Toilet Roll Speaker

  • Have you always wanted your toilet roll dispenser to play music? Well attach your iPhone or iPod to this one and you can listen to your playlist without needing to hold your phone.

Panono 360 Degree Camera

  • A 36 camera, panoramic ball that can be thrown into the air to capture unique 360 degree panoramas. These can then be viewed in the app on your smartphone. If however you are terrible at catching you can always hold it or use the stick attachment.

Windscreen Wiper

  • Never have problems with rain over your screen in the middle of a storm again. With this handy accessory your screen will stay clear and visible, although I’m not quite sure how you would use the touchscreen while it’s on……